These blood sucking insects cause nuisance by their irritating bites and also transmit many diseases like malaria, dengue, filarial, yellow fever, Chikun Gunya etc. Beetle implements larvicidal and adulticidal methods including sanitation to overcome mosquito problem. Mosquito Control operations can be done in Housing colonies, towns, townships, villages, industrial areas etc

Mosquito Life Cycle: The female mosquito requires blood for development of her eggs and hence only females bite humans, while the males live on plant nectar. The mosquitoes commonly found in and around human habitation are :

Anopheles Spp: Responsible for causing Malaria. Anopheles breeds in stagnant collections of clean water such as ponds, lakes, overhead tanks, underground tanks etc. This mosquito is active after dusk.

Culex Spp: Responsible for causing filariasis, which causes fever and acute swelling of the lymph glands. Culex breeds in stagnant collections of polluted water such as drains, gutters, septic tanks etc. It is the common house mosquito and a major nuisance after dusk, biting heavily, leading to sleepless nights.

Aedes Spp: Responsible for causing Dengue and chikun gunya Aedes breeds in man - made collections of clean water such as water coolers, pots, old tyres, can, empty bottles, flower vases etc. This mosquito is a day biter with a characteristic sharp pain.

Mode of Treatment

As first 3 stages of mosquitoes are associated with water, the treatment is mainly divided in two parts

Larval Management: Larval stage is the weakest link in mosquito life cycle. Mosquito breeds in stagnant water. Larval treatment will be carried out after identifying breeding places using suitable larvicide.

Adult Management

Adult management can be carried out by using following two methods.

A)Indoor and Outdoor Residual spraying: The treatment consists of thorough spray of insecticides having residual effect, shall be sprayed on inside and outside area of wall surface.

B)Fogging and Misting: Thermal fogging or Misting (Application of insecticides in the form of fine droplets) also can be carried out to control adult mosquitoes. This treatment is generally suggested for the compound area gardens.